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  • Criticism/Over Analysis/Pressure/Enjoyment Blog

    Wednesday, 30 December 2020 10:28
      Do I think goalkeepers should never face criticism?……NO……..but do it in a constructive not destructive way   Do I think goals should be analysed?……..YES…….but in a balanced way looking…


  • Alex was always a good shot-stopper but now has much greater spatial awareness and an improved positioning sense


Steve Hale Goalkeeping School

14th season developing young goalkeepers

Steve Hale Goalkeeping School is in its 14th season and continues to develop young goalkeepers technically, tactically, physically, socially and psychologically. Based at the fantastic Kingsdown School facility on the state of the art 3G pitch sessions run every Wednesday through school terms from September to the end of May.

Many goalkeepers play for teams in the North Wilts League, Junior Premier League and some have gone into academy football at Swindon Town where Steve Hale was previously full time Head of Goalkeeping.


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