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Pro Grip Superior

Roll Finger Gloves

The Pro Grip Superior was launched in 2015 and has been our best seller. We have now made a few cosmetic changes to the glove to freshen it up for 2020 yet still retaining a lot of the key technical features of the glove.

3.5mm Contact latex (one of the best stickiest latexes on the market) provides excellent grip in both dry and wet conditions and also has inside jelly grip to stop slipping on the hand for a secure fit.) This glove has a wrap around bandage style wristband for secure enclosure. It also has an enhanced stitching control design on the middle fingers and flex control on the back of the glove giving it a more flexible and comfortable feel.

*Please be aware the gloves come with a plastic flm attached to the latex palm which needs to be carefully removed before use. It is advisable to carefully peel from the base of the palm to start the unpeeling process.  https://youtu.be/qBj1YoWXroU 

Gloves come with double wallet style packaging keeping each glove separate, ideal for storage.

Available in sizes 6-10

Price for 2023-2024 season £30.00 per pair or two pairs for £53.00



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