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Pro Grip Socks

Grip socks, as the title implies, is about increasing your foot's grip inside the boots so that you have reduced internal slippage and ultimately enhanced comfort and performance. They usually do this by incorporating some elements that come into contact between the sock and the boot. A grip sock that helps give you that extra 1% by keeping your foot in place allowing for players to make swift turns and changes of direction, something really important for both goalkeepers and outfield players.

The socks come in White or Black and they are a stretch fit which ideally suits sizes 8-11


One Pair - £12.00
Two Pairs - £22.00
Three Pairs - £27.00



*Please turn the socks inside out to wash

**Ideally washed on gentle wash setting

***The nature of the silicone spots and the job they are performing is to limit the movement of the foot within the shoe. With the nature of sport twisting, turning and force used on your footwear, over time a few of the silicone spots may come away from the sock, however due to the number of spots on the sock this should not affect the overall grip.

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