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Tuesday, 18 January 2011 16:23

Fantastic Effort Blog!

Fantastic Effort Blog!

Last night (Monday 17th Jan) I collected in the final few envelopes of sponsorship money for the "Save for Robbie Appeal" event which took place on Monday 13th December. When I got home I got out all the other envelopes and completed my spreadsheets, counted up all the cheques and bagged up all the cash and sat in awe looking at the final total on my calculator. Earlier that day I had read the latest piece in the Evening Advertiser on how Robbie's appeal was coming along having noticed over the last couple of months a few articles wherby some Swindon companies had helped Robbie's family out with some events. There was a carpet company in Stratton and Specsavers (a nationwide company) and the total currently stood at £4550.00.


Steve Hale Goalkeeping school is a small goalkeeping coaching organisation ran solely by me with Chippy helping me out with some coaching and support. We have just over 30 members signed up who regularly attend our Monday night sessions. 29 took part on the evening in freezing conditions and over the course of the last month the young goalkeepers and their parents have set about raising funds by way of sponsorship and donations. 5 of the 29 goalkeepers managed to raise over £100 each, one in particular raised a staggering £359 which left me gobsmacked. Both myself and Chippy begged and rolled out our "puppy-dog" eyes to work colleagues, family and friends and between us all the figure that popped up on my calculator at 9.00pm last night was £2055.00!!.....when I set out to try and help out, I thought if I could raise £1000.00 I would have done really well so as you can imagine today I am feeling extremely proud of everyone who has done their bit to make this a success.


I have spoken with Kelly (Robbie's Mum) today and she was amazed and very thankful and within the next 7 days the monies will be handed over and will go into the special account setup for their fund. There are many sad and awful things that happen in this world today and lots of events and charities out there all with good people trying to do their bit to help others, its a never-ending task. It is our responsibility to appreciate what we have, not take it, or life for granted and try and help others and I would like to personally thank everyone who has helped and taken part in this event we put on to try and help Robbie and his family.


A VERY PROUD Steve Hale!

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