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Wednesday, 07 November 2012 10:55

Wayne Brown Interview Blog

Wayne Brown Interview Blog


This week I caught up with current Player / Goalkeeping Coach at Oxford Utd FC, Wayne Brown. Wayne has made just under 500 professional appearances and is still a current registered player at Oxford though he has also taken on the role of goalkeeping coach working with both the professional and scholar goalkeepers at the Kassam Stadium. Wayne is a vastly experienced goalkeeper who also spent a season playing professionally in South Africa and is now taking the first steps into goalkeeping coaching.



What is your coaching background and who do you currently coach?


FA Goalkeeping B licence.

Coached the South African Under 19 & 21's keeper in South Africa. Also held a coaching role Spurs African development squad.

Currently holds 5 Academy goalkeeping schools in Oxford & Hampshire

Player/Goalkeeper coach at Oxford United FC


What goalkeeping coaches have impressed you over the years and why?


Too many to mention!


I would say Jon Ibarrola (Mamelodi Sundowns FC- South Africa), Neville Southall, Pat Mountain to name a few.

All have different styles. Jon was fully hard core on technique, spring & the modern game. Neville was just a work horse, every session was a beasting! Pat was very chilled & mixed his session which is always great for keepers. Don't think I did the same session twice with him. Really helped me.


What is your coaching philosophy or what is important to you when coaching goalkeepers?


Technique and a positive attitude are huge!

I love my keepers to try things in training. I'm still learning different techniques of goalkeeping even at 36...it's great!


How would you prioritise the various different aspects of goalkeeping coaching?


Technique technique technique!

It’s huge with me, I really can't have poor hands. Even if you have great hands you should be constantly working on them.


Explosive power is big with our keepers. Deadlifts, squats, plyometrics.


Being excellent with the ball at your feet is a must these days. I encourage our keepers to play outfield too, best practise ever for them.

Finally, a positive keeper is great to watch. I’ve seen loads of good goalkeepers who struggled to make the grade because they were never on the front foot. They never had a good starting position, never had the go & get attitude etc. It causes huge self doubts in you & your team if they haven’t got this.


How would your coaching differ across the younger age ranges up to senior goalkeepers?


With the younger guys it’s the basics, repetition, making it fun for them.


The seniors are all about tweaking. It could be a tiny problem which just needs ironing out.


Nowadays there are many different pieces of equipment that can be used when coaching goalkeepers such as ladders, poles, rebound nets, response balls (balls with lumps on that bounce differently to create reaction saves), what do you think about using this type of equipment?


We use many of the above & they are great. Not sure on the response ball though.


We used half core balls which are great for stability. We also use the bungee rope for power, crossing and footwork.



What gives you the most satisfaction as a coach?


As a coach I always think its great when young keepers put their new techniques they've learnt into games....and they come off!  I love that!


With the professionals I get a buzz when they have kept clean sheets or when the keeper has played & everyone says he had a quiet game today.


What they haven't noticed is the 4/5 crosses they have caught clean, that quick step to make a shot look easier than it was, the way they dealt with that dodgy back pass. Or just how exhausted they are after 90 minutes of talking, organising, being on the front foot & generally being the owner of their 18yd box. They come off the pitch knowing it’s a job well done without really being on the radar. That's a nice buzz!


I say to the younger keepers.........goalkeepers are the drummers of the band. Little bit mad, we have our own thoughts, own circles but everyone always has an eye on the keeper just in case something fantastic or ridiculous happens. Without us you can’t make proper music & you can't have a football match.





I would just like to personally thank Wayne for taking the time out to answer my questions.


Watch this space for the next in the series of interviews coming up shortly................................


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