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Sunday, 09 April 2017 18:00

Nice Feedback

It was great to receive this feedback over the weekend on the progress of one young goalkeeper.....

Part of the philosophy at Steve Hale Goalkeeping School isn't just about developing the goalkeeping skills of all the young goalkeepers we work with. What we also like to do is get them thinking about social skills where they get to meet other children from different schools / Towns or Villages and increase their circle of friends.

We also like them to think about teamwork and encouragement of others and taking responsibility for equipment. On top of this we want the children to have fun and enjoyment but at the same time maintain good behaviours and concentration. Often with our younger age group this can be a challenge for goalkeepers so young in an active environment.

Therefore it was nice to receive the following email this weekend from one of our very young goalkeepers parents:



"I've noticed a great improvement in Archie's behaviour. He used to mess around even though he wanted to be part of the team. Since joining your school on a Wednesday evening his approach is improving & we are extremely proud of the positive changes in him. After watching him last Wednesday, apart from a few lads, some of them were mucking about. Archie purposely didn't get involved in this and stayed focused. This has also shown during training or match days with his team too and I'd just like to say thank you for everything you've done for our son. He is growing into a fabulous young lad & I'd like you to know that you are part of that. Again, thank you & to your team.

Have a fabulous Easter break."


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